Global Relations Executive Gareth Henry


After completing his studies at Heriot-Watt University, where he graduated with honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics, Gareth Henry began working as a Management Researcher at a company called Watson Wyatt. He later went on to work as a Director at the money management firm Schroders, and held the positions of Global Head of Investor Relations and Head of International Investor Relations in the Fortress Liquid Markets, which is based in the US, and in the London office of Fortress Investment Group. At Fortress he was in charge of helping the business raise capital in European, African and Middle Eastern markets.

Because Gareth Henry had years of experience in global relations, as well as a proven track record when it comes to meeting the needs of clients, he was chosen to be the Managing Director and Head of Investor Relations for the hedge fund management company Angelo, Gordon and Company, a privately owned business that was founded in November of 1988 and is responsible for handling credit, real estate and private equity investments. The firm currently manages approximately $28 billion in these types of investments for their clients.

Angelo Gordon and Company has its headquarters in New York but also has offices in Europe and Asia, as well as in other areas of the US. Gareth Henry feels that his success as a global real estate investment manager is due to the fact that he is very focused when it comes to how he handles client services, which he feels is a critical part of being an effective asset manager. The seasoned executive began working at Angelo, Gordon and Company in January of 2016, and his expertise in global relations helped the company achieve a great deal of financial growth.

While in the UK, Gareth Henry earned a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries title in 2004, and he received a Fellow of Society of Actuaries in 2007 in the US. His years of serving as a global relations expert in several investment management companies has made him a financial executive that will continue to be sought after by many other companies in his chosen industry.


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