Gino Pozzo: Owner, Watford FC


Football is perhaps one of the most favorite pastime activities enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. One such individual,who has taken his passion for football a notch higher and invested in the sector, is Gino Pozzo. GinoPozzo is reputed for his unique abilities to buy non-performing clubs and taking them to the topof the league. Indeed, his success makes his name to be a household name in the football arena and beyond especially with his current position as the owner of Watford Football Club.

Background and Early Childhood

Gino Pozzo’s football enthusiasm emanates from his family background. He was born to parents who were addicted to the game and were staunch supporters of local football teams. His parents, Giuliana and Gianpaolo Pozzo might have been the main influencers to Gino. He developed a deep passion football during his upbringing in Udine, Italy. His mother was related to the presidents of a football club in Udinese. With such roots, his family has maintained a steadfast loyalty to the Udinese club for the better part of their lives.

Gino Pozzo relocated to the United States when he was 18 years. He attended Harvard University and graduated with a Master’s degree. However, his marriage to a Catalan prompted him to move to Barcelona where he stayed for 20 years before finally relocating to London with his family. His relocation to London was meant to enable him to have a better scope on how his newly acquired club on Vicarage Road could be managed.

Purchase of Watford Fc

As stated earlier, Gino Pozzo has a penchant for purchasing under-performing football clubs and transforming their fortunes. His family bought Watford Fc in 2012 and dedicated itself to making the club a success. Pozzo was able to make Watford FC climb through the ranks and get out of the Fourth Division in the Premier League.

To date, their family remains a crucial element in European football, having acquired at least three football clubs in Spain, England, and Italy.

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