George Soros: Supporting the Open Society Foundations


George Soros is an American entrepreneur, businessman, and investor, and he is also considered as one of the wealthiest person on the planet. His net worth in 2017 was $23 billion, but he decided to donate the majority of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations, his philanthropic arm which supports liberal groups and organizations. The recent donation that he made amounted to $18 billion, or about two-thirds of his current net worth. The Open Society Foundations is actively operating in more than 100 countries on all continents, and the critics of George Soros are claiming that he is using his organization to further his liberal agenda. However, George Soros clarified that he only wanted to bring peace and order to the world, and he added that he can attain his objectives through his liberal foundations.


The Open Society Foundations is responsible for several protests across the United States that supports resolutions which will transform the country to a liberal state. It is believed that the organization is behind the Ferguson Protests, funneling millions of dollars to fund the rallies in the city which condemns the killings of black people by the police. The protest was attended by thousands, and they rallied in support of black people who are brutally murdered by the police. Because of how influential George Soros have become, his opponents are labeling him as a puppet master who is controlling the politics of several nations, including the United States, but he just ignored the accusations and highlighted that he only wanted to make the world a better place.


George Soros, being a liberal supporter, felt disappointed after Donald Trump was sworn in as the President of the United States. He supported Hillary Clinton, donating millions of dollars for her campaign. However, he cleared out that the Open Society Foundations would continue its objectives of promoting a liberal society. Recently, he donated more than $1 million to support a resolution in California that would make theft and drug possession as a minor crime. He believes that the society should transform and become more accepting, and he is mobilizing the groups under the Open Society Foundations to enlighten the people about how advantageous living in a liberal world would be, and


According to George Soros, the horrors that he witnessed when he was still a child influenced him to become a liberal activists. He saw how the Nazis murdered and discriminated people based on their gender and race, and he promised that he will be transforming the world when he grew up. He studied in London after surviving the war, and moved to the United States later to start a new life. He managed to become a successful investor after accumulating huge sums of money through stock trading and creating hedge funds. He was recognized as one of the most successful investors in the United States, and his business empire kept on growing through the years. Today, at the age of 87, George Soros wanted to see a world without discrimination where everyone is equal and has a higher quality of life.

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