From Downtown to Malls to Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping


One thing that people are always going to need is a place to shop. Over the course of time, the types of places to shop at has gone through some changes. When people wanted to go somewhere to shop and hang out, they used to have to go downtown. Then sometime in the 20th century, things have changed. There started to be malls. This was especially something good for suburbs. Malls often had plenty of stores where people can go in order to shop for some new styles that they can enjoy. This has caused a huge change in the downtown arena.


Nowadays, malls are faced with something that is very similar to what downtown has went through. Therefore, a lot of malls are having to make some adjustments if they are to continue to be the spot of attraction. One thing that is happening is a lot of the shops are closing which is making it harder for malls to be operating. A lot of malls have been closed down and changed into something else. Fortunately, there is something that is going to be of great help of malls. One thing that other mall owners need to look at is one of the successful malls and see what is done.


One such successful mall is Manaira Shopping. One thing that makes Manaira Shopping a lot more appealing that other malls is that Roberto Santiago thinks about what can be done to attract people. For one thing, when he thinks about his mall, he does not think about the mall itself but the people. Roberto Santiago observes people and looks at what they like. Among the things that he understands about people is that even with the internet, they are still social by nature. Therefore, he is focusing on the more social aspects of mall going.


One thing that Roberto Santiago has done was focus more on entertainment. This is where the Domus Hall comes in. He has also encouraged artists to use the Domus Hall for his events. This gives people a reason to visit the mall beyond shopping.


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