Eucatex Ahead of Crowd With Environmentally Friendly Practices


The Eucatex Group began with the founding of a sawmill by Salim Maluf in the 1950s. Salim Maluf had good business sense and achieved such success that he owned and operated one of the largest sawmills in Brazil. An entrepreneurial bent and a head for business and leadership continued down the family to Paulo Maluf and his son Flavio Maluf who currently runs Eucatex. Eucatex has grown from that one sawmill and is now a multi-billion dollar business with offices around the world. Eucatex produces high-quality goods and exports them worldwide. Learn more at about Flavio Maluf

Eucatex has always been ahead of other business when it comes to environmentally friendly products and deep concern for the environment. Eucatex’s interest with the environment may stem from their use of Eucalyptus trees to manufacture its products and a dedication to protecting the environment where the Eucalyptus trees grow. Eucatex has funnelled its dedication to environmentalism by including a recycling plant in one of its factories to use scrap wood as an energy source. Currently, Eucatex manufactures wood panels, fiberboard, laminates, doors, toys, and paint. Eucatex adheres to strict environmental standards during the production of all their products. Eucatex maintains a delicate balance by combining business with its focus on the environment.

Eucatex has branched out into new markets under the control of Flavio Maluf but the man himself is also a tireless businessman. Though he leads the family business of Eucatex as its CEO and has been an integral part of the expansion of Eucatex and its continuing success Flavio Maluf is also the president of the Grandfood Group which owns Premier Pet and Golden Petfoods. Maluf saw the growing trend of millions of Brazilians owning cats and dogs and realized that he could help create high-quality pet food for a niche market. His business savvy has allowed him to compete with established pet food suppliers. Source:

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