Eric Lefkofksy; The Journey Towards Data-Enabled Precision Medicine


With the rise in the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer, it is almost certain that every one of us knows someone affected by the disease. The battle against cancer can take a toll on any family. Most therapies that have been designed to fight against the disease are sometimes ineffective because of the difference in our genetic makeups. Business leaders such as Eric Lefskofsky want to change how cancer treatment is being handled. The entrepreneur who co-founded Tempus is leading the new age diagnosis and treatment of cancer. His approach relies on big data from people who are already battling with the disease. According to Eric, the medical research industry will be able to come up with data-driven precision medicine if all goes as planned.

With the development of computerized systems that store patient’s record, one would expect that there would be access to sufficient information on certain medical conditions and diseases. Eric Lefkofsky was surprised that it wasn’t the case when his wife was diagnosed with cancer. His personal experience on how oncologists treated cancer made him realize that there was a significant divide between data collection, digital technology, and treatment of cancer. Despite the fact that every hospital has records on their cancer patients, oncologists are not able to use the same data to make diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

Another challenge that Tempus faced in its quest to deliver affordable and efficient cancer therapies was the nurture of the data that has been collected from cancer patients. Most of this data is usually in the form a doctor’s notes. The company needed to convert this information into structured data that could be analyzed easily and his foundation of Website.

The process gathering molecular data on patients was initially expensive. This process which is very important during the administration of cancer therapies was unavailable to most patients. With the efforts that companies such as Tempus have put in place, the process of genome mapping is expected to be affordable to the average person and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky has established his name in the business world. Born in Southfield Michigan, Eric has recorded a lot of success in his business endeavors. Eric is an Alumnus of the prestigious Michigan University. He holds a Juris Doctor from the Law School of the same University and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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