EOS Lip Balm Sphere Review


EOS is a well-renowned lip balm company that makes a wide range of all-natural products with safe and healthy ingredients. Recently, they released a ‘summer fruits’ line of lip balm flavors for the summer beauty season. These come in several different flavors, such as strawberry and lemon. The package coloring on these EOS lip balms reflects the fruit flavor color. They are available as stand-alone lip balms, or you can get the entire line in one package. There are several different options, so be sure to check your local retailer to find the exact flavor or flavors that you want in this specific line.

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Early reviews of the Summer Fruits lip balm are overwhelmingly positive. Multiple reviewers have stated that the new line of EOS Lip Balms have left their lips hydrated and healthier than they were prior to usage. In several reviews, the EOS products are compared favorably to other industry competitors. The flavors in the Summer Fruits line were also a well-reviewed topic. Several users loved the summery and fresh smell and taste of these new EOS Lip Balms. Overall, the balms from the Summer Fruits line are reviewed better and more favorably that the lip balms from EOS standard lines, a promising development for the brand!

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