EOS Came in Like a Wrecking Ball


Chapped lips are a problem that we’ve all dealt with at some point in our lives. Some people experience severe chapped lips, while others experience trouble only when the temperatures are cold or the winds are high. To ease your chapped lip struggle, a tube of Chapstick is likely the first purchase you make. But, if you’re still buying Chopstick, you’re still dealing with old news. There’s a new chapped lip formula in town, and in just a few short years, this company outdid the Chopstick name and became the number two formula on the market, just short of beating the current title holder, Burt’s Bees.

EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) is the chapped lip formula that comes in like a wrecking ball, moving years of trust from the Chapstick brand and taking the lead. Consumers love EOS because it is unique, all-natural, and provides comfort for even the most severe chapped lips. Furthermore, the unique container shape makes the product one that is fun to use. Check out the products on eBay and Ulta, http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos


EOS was able to accomplish great things in such a short period of time by appealing to millennials while providing natural ingredients in their product. EOS formulas contain ingredients that provide results, with a great flavor and smell thrown in the mix. With social media marketing taken to the next level, EOS lip balm became the brand that people chose when they wanted chapped lip relief, and it is still out-selling Chopstick even today. For more info, visit the evolution of smooth website..


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