End Citizens United Set To Change The Face Of U.S. Elections


End Citizens United, a political action committee based in the United States, formed in the year 2015, gained public and media attention for combating the most controversial judgment of the supreme court in Citizens United v Federal Election Commission. The case demanded to deregulate limits on independent expenditure by special interest groups on U.S. election considering corporations as people. This resulted in unregulated undisclosed political spending in the U.S elections as reported by Republicans and Independent voters. End Citizens United pledged to overturn the disastrous effects of the Supreme Court decision by supporting candidates who are promoting meaningful finance reform campaign.

Kirsten Gillibrand, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, joined hands with the End Citizens United to put forward the opinion of the citizens. Throughout her service tenure, Kirsten has advocated ethics reform and worked diligently in getting money from special interest groups out of the political campaigns. Kirsten’s affirmation to refuse money from corporate PACs placed her into the group of national Democrats and redefined the bar on the issue of political financing for other political candidates. Next, to join the move of rejecting corporate PAC money set by Kirsten was Cory Booker, another Senator in the U.S. Booker admitted the corrosive influence of corporate money from business-affiliated PACs in the U.S. politics and announced not to accept any campaign contributions from corporate PACs.

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Kirsten Gillibrand was also endorsed by the ECU for her appreciable move. Also, ECU praised Cory Booker for his appreciable decision. Because of their valiant announcements and decisive proceedings in the U.S.democracy, both Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker are witnessed as possible candidates for the 2020 presidential elections. According to ECU, over 70 candidates, mostly challengers in House races, have turned down corporate PAC money. Voters are looking forward to this national trend as an opportunity of being heard.

With the approaching midterm elections, almost 18 candidates including high-profile challengers have taken ECU’s No Corporate PAC pledge. Additionally, End Citizens United has pledged a campaign amount worth $35 million for the upcoming congressional elections in 2018 to support candidates who have committed to rolling back Supreme Court’s decision for permitting huge corporate spending in the U.S elections. Furthermore, End Citizens United looks forward to associating with more Republicans seriously committed to campaign finance reform, reported Tiffany Muller, director of ECU.

Currently, Muller declared to have current campaign finance of about $4.9 million to support initial campaign ads. End Citizens United is targeting Democratic challengers and Republican incumbents who have pledged to make an effective change in the system. With the unfolding election campaigns, U.S. politics is all set to witness the most spectacular elections.

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