Dr Sam Jejurikar-The Most Successional Surgeon in Dallas Texas


Dr Sam Jejurikar is a surgeon located in Dallas, Texas in the united states of America. He schooled in the Michigan medical school university where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in surgery. He further got attached to hospitals and health centers in Michigan university where he was able to complete his course in plastic surgery. He was equipped with both theoretical and practical skills. Currently he runs his own health center in Dallas. The community has trusted him in his career from his 10 years’ experience in the plastic surgery. Basically, he specializes in plastic surgery where he is able to replace and repair skin and bones and also other tissues.

Additionally, he has the skill of reconstructive surgery where he changes the formation of face and hands. Hair transplantation is also a skill in his specialties. In state of art technologies, he offers imaging of a 3D preview. With the use of the latter, one can be able to see how they will look like after the surgeries has been done on them. The technology uses software program and a stimulator that is google like.

Apart from his plastic surgery services, Dr Sam Jejurikar has outlets where he sells skincare protection products. He has a collection of them and the business is doing really well. Mostly, the products help in preventing formation of wrinkles in the face, dark circles on the body and even helps address lost elasticity of the skin. Through his high-quality products and services, he earned himself a good profile and the people give commendable reviews.

One of the reasons why people appreciate his services is because he has the best customer care services and also treats each one of them individually with utmost concern. This trait has been passed on even to his employees. They are all committed to offering best services and maintaining privacy of every person.


With over 10 years’ experience, Dr Sam Jejurikar has been able to secure his territories by offering good services to his customers. He is therefore a very fast growing and trusted surgeon in Dallas, Texas.

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