DonataMeirelles: Providing Tips on Wearing Powerful Accessories


DonataMeirelles is a Brazilian fashion writer and creative director for the Vogue magazine, and she constantly writes articles about fashion and style. One of her most recent articles talks about the accessories that require to be worn when someone wanted to be in style. There are powerful accessories that can match the fashion statement of an individual, and it will increase the level of how they look. There should be a proper combination of accessories that will be used to highlight the style of the accessory. One of the things that she wanted to show her readers is that wearing a black or red ankle boots would be a great idea for those who wanted to have the appeal of the 90s decade. Black boots can be partnered with any clothes or dresses, and it is perfect for any occasion. People are still mesmerized looking at these enchanted shoes, and a lot of stores across Brazil are still generating good profit from these boots. Read more about Donata Meirelles at

Another accessory that Donata Meirelles suggested was the red or black handbags. She said that bringing these items to an event would highlight someone’s style, and she suggested purchasing a $6,000 worth Louis Vuitton handbag that looks stylish and sexy. These bags can be purchased from Louis Vuitton stores across the country or as an alternative, people who are interested in these bags can order them online.

DonataMeirelles stated that having a great sense of fashion and style is important especially for her who stands as a creative and style director for Vogue magazine in Brazil. She said that she has to constantly upgrade her style and increase her knowledge of the trends that are being introduced every year to stay relevant in the industry. The accessories that she included on her list have been checked by other experts and they do agree with the views that she has written on her article.

There are other accessories that can be considered by individuals who wanted to look more fashionable, like jewelry pieces, scarves, and hats. She stated that the overall look of an individual still depends on the way they portray themselves after they have worn these accessories, and the key to wear these items in style is to be confident with the way you look. She also encourages everyone to be bold in choosing their style and never be afraid to experiment on how they wanted to look. See more Donata style here:

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