Donald Scott NYC Unique Hairstying


Donald Scott NYC has turned razor cutting into a revolutionary with the way we style hair by the leading professional razor tool. Using Donald Scott’s cutting tools has many benefits by surface cutting, point cutting, pinch carving and tease carving. Donald Scott NYC uses out of this world techniques such as chop stick pro and introduces carving comb. Call in love with a blade you can use hard or add a guard for speed.

The carving comb allows you to add texture and shapd to the way you cut. Donald Scott NYC has taken a standard tool, like the straight razor and has transformed its dreadfullness to a work of art. Razor tools are amazing with a carving comb fine a 3-in-1 tool with two razor and find tooth cutting comb available as a wide tooth comb. Favorites by many the swivel twist razor two cutting tools in one with a swivel handle. The fishing tools makes cleaning and grooming cast and easy with the DS/X4 razor tool. Don’t forget to prepare with liquid toolglide designed to work with razor tools.

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