Dating in India is Going to Start Buzzing with Bumble and Whitney Wolfe


In case you didn’t know, Bumble is an international dating site. Many of its members are located in the states. However, there are millions of Bumble users located in other parts of the world. They are spread out in places such as the U.K. and other European countries. However, Bumble is now available in places such as India. Well, the dating app is still exploring this market but it is slowly gaining ground.

Late in 2018, CEO Whitney Wolfe, stated that she would be taking Bumble overseas. She wants to enter the dating market in India. Wolfe wants Bumble in India because of its potential. If the country was not a good fit for Bumble, Wolfe would definitely avoid it. That would be good business sense.

Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

The dating market is obviously different than America’s. The people of India take a different approach to dating, even though some things are the same. Also, there is a lot of niche dating sites in India. Bumble’s approach is going to be set apart from the rest. The women first approach is truly original.

Most dating sites still allow men to make the first move. Bumble doesn’t operate that way. The site makes it clear that women are in control. Females will make the first move in the relationship. They will swipe right for a guy they want and if a fella is overlooked, he will get swiped to the left. Guys can’t simply approach a girl and ask to take her out. He has to wait until she is ready for him. If she never comes for him, he will just have to move on. That is the power of Bumble. Whitney Wolfe wants women to be large and in charge.

Feminism is slowly growing in India. The culture is not the same as America’s. Indian culture is even more rigid. However, the power elite females within the country are leading the way in the revolution of feminism. Many women from the lower social classes within society are slowly catching on. Whitney Wolfe knows it is time to enlighten the minds of women with India with feminism. Remember that Bumble is also about feminism and not just dating. Whitney Wolfe has married these two concepts together to let men know that it is time to do things different.



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