Cotemar Provides Vital Services To Mexico’s Offshore Oil Companies


Cotemar is a Mexican service company that specializes in providing vital services needed for the offshore oil industry to conduct extraction operations on the seas. The company is headquartered in the port city of Ciudad del Carmen in the Mexican state of Campache. In addition to having its headquarters in a port city, Cotemar has warehouse facilities for storage of supplies, docks, its own vessels and equipment along the Gulf of Mexico coast. This allows the company to easily and quickly resupply its fleet and respond quickly to the needs of its clients in the offshore oil sector on

The primary customer of Cotemar is Pemex. This is a nationally owned Mexican petroleum company that has oil extraction operations both on land and on sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Cotemar services Pemex in many different categories. This includes with delivery of supplies, food, housing, transportation and construction. Cotemar is strongly linked to Pemex, with an increase of activity from Pemex often creating growth for Cotemar services.

Housing And Feeding Mexican Offshore Oil Workers

Cotemar handles all aspects of food preparation for offshore oil workers working on oil rigs. Food is delivered, stored prepared and cooked for workers so that they have access to healthy and nutritious meals while away from land. Housing on the water is provided via cabins that can house from two to four people each. Cotemar on currently has enough capacity to feed and house up to 4000 people at a time. Cabin ships by Cotemar can safely house up to 500 people each.

Residing in a Cotemar dwelling is not primitive. The company provides its guests with access to television and recreational amenities such as basketball courts, exercise rooms and cinemas. Cleanup of common areas, laundry service and ironing is also provided by Cotemar to its clients out on the seas.

Employees of Cotemar work in a safe environment that follows all safety protocols and procedures. The company places great emphasis on employee welfare and provides all employees with uniforms as well as any other necessary safety equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable experience at the workplace. Cotemar also has policies in place to promote transparency at the firm to stamp out fraud and corruption. A transparency mailbox is in place where issues or concerns can be directed to the company management without revealing any personal information.

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