ClassDojo Takes Co-Parenting To A New Level


As the world we live in moves towards the digital sector it seemed only natural for the educational environment to play a part in bringing the online world to students and their families. More than two in three elementary schools in Canada have already begun using ClassDojo as their go-to way of communicating with the families of students. Founded in 2011, the app has raised more than $31 million in total funding over the last seven years to make this one of the most popular educational apps in the world.

One of the most impressive parts of the development of ClassDojo has been an increase in the ability of educators to communicate with students families and build a school community. Before using ClassDojo, family members of students would become frustrated about the lack of communication they had with educators apart from notes sent back and forth. Waiting a day for a question to be answered and then running the risk of a teacher not being present would result in further delays in discussing a potentially pressing matter.

The rising number of Spanish-speaking families in North America and those who speak English as a second language has added to the uses ClassDojo is available for. Recent updates to the app allow educators and family members to translate messages and posts to more than 30 languages to allow a school to create community feeling crossing language and cultural borders.

Much talk is made of the ground-up change needed to develop greater inclusion in North American schools, which ClassDojo is helping to establish. The day-to-day running of a classroom was always something of a mystery to most parents who had little chance to see what their children were doing each day. The communication platform within the ClassDojo app allows educators the chance to post pictures and text detailing the work completed each day to allow the school community to grow with greater links between teachers and families.

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