ClassDojo and Yale For Emotional Intelligence Educates With Mojo


ClassDojo is introducing a concept to school that can help to build character, success, and confidence. Emotional Intelligence and mindful thinking are now being introduced to schools throughout America while using the app, “ClassDojo.” Parents can expect new and improved ways to interact with their children’s educational experience. ClassDojo has partnered with superior educational references like Yale for Emotional Intelligence, Beyond Shame, and Beyond stigma to create this amazing new platform that has the ability to connect with students minds on a more personal level.

Students who engage in ClassDojo’s meditation influenced video’s with be taught by teachers and ClassDojo’s mascot “Mojo”. These videos guide and teach students to be mindful of the following aspects.

  • Breathing and inhaling through the nose and mouth with the diaphragm.
  • Focusing on their feet
  • Scanning their bodies
  • A therapeutic mindful countdown
  • Mindful listening so that they can better decipher thoughts according to ClassDojo’s guidelines.

This learning platform will also consist of bonus learning materials that parents can do at home with their children like mindful movements and mindful drawing. This new practice aims to prevent anxiety, depression and encourage the love of education.

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