Created in 1990 by brothers Iskandar and Akram Safa, Privinvest is an international shipbuilding powerhouse. The organization is headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon. The company owns shipbuilding yards in the following countries: United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi Mar) France (Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie) Greece (PISB) The UK (Isherwoods) Germany (Nobiskrug, German Naval Yards, Lindenau) Each yard […]

Jack Plotkin

The world of healthcare is changing quickly and Jack Plotkin knows that those who are going to survive in this new healthcare environment are those who embrace change. Jack Plotkin is the CPO of Virtual Health, which is leading the charge for the adoption of telehealth as a key part of the healthcare system. In […]

Breaking news! OSI has now partnered with Impossible Foods. OSI has been the main supplier of McDonalds meat products for over 60 years. When Burger King introduced the new Impossible Burger, a new craze swept the nation. The health-conscious adults were intrigued and children were inquisitive. To everyone’s surprise the Impossible Burger was a hit! […]

The role of women in the professional world recently hit the news when the national female soccer team won the championship match. There was an outcry from many sides for the players to get a pay raise. This was not only because they won, but also the fact the male team makes several times more […]

Jack Plotkin

The symptoms of an illness, injury, or disease can evolve and change rapidly over the course of a few hours to days. This evolution has always been one of the biggest challenges facing physicians. How can physicians take an entire story, compare it to what they see in a few minutes, and make an educated […]