The role of women in the professional world recently hit the news when the national female soccer team won the championship match. There was an outcry from many sides for the players to get a pay raise. This was not only because they won, but also the fact the male team makes several times more […]

Jack Plotkin

The symptoms of an illness, injury, or disease can evolve and change rapidly over the course of a few hours to days. This evolution has always been one of the biggest challenges facing physicians. How can physicians take an entire story, compare it to what they see in a few minutes, and make an educated […]

The idea of expanding your successful business might sound impossible for the people who are not prepared. The process is scary at first. The marketplace is not welcoming for all. A successful investment can lose its resources because of expanding to other territories. There are people who own successful businesses in the world. These individuals […]

The world has evolved in many ways over the past centuries. Technology has done wonders in bringing the world a little closer together, and individuals can achieve far more personal success than they ever imagined. Smita Shah is an individual leading female empowerment into the 21st century. She has been an active voice in bringing […]

HCR Wealth Advisors, a wealth management firm founded in 1988 to give financial and investment guidance to their clients. It is a well-established organization with over 700 clients and an AUM- Assets under Management-of nearly $1 billion. As part of its long-term goals, HCR Advisors seeks to build long-lasting associations with their clients. Towards the […]

Neurocore stands today as one of the leading brain treatment and training facilities. They are the prime result of the neurological progression in education and research. Their brain strengthening and observatory procedures are actually helping people improve their daily lives and overall mental conditions. Here are a few of the mental situations or disorders that […]

Maarten de Jeu has been Chicago’s SVM Business Advisory’s Managing Director since 2012. His company has a global network throughout Asia, Europe, and North America with a focus on financial services, international business, and more in their practice. The strategic business advisor completed an M.A. in 2001 at Leiden University in public administration before going […]