Are there other people in this world who are as motivated as Betsy DeVos is? People of this caliber are a rarity. Although DeVos is truly a gem, her husband is actually a lot like her. Dick DeVos is equally rare on this planet. DeVos is a Renaissance Woman who knows exactly what she wants […]

There are a lot of good African business ventures in the past recent years thanks to the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, according to Isabel dos Santos, one of the most influential women in Africa, the gender gap between businesspeople and the stigmatization of women in the workplace weighed down the continent’s improvement. She believes that […]

Dr Sam Jejurikar is a surgeon located in Dallas, Texas in the united states of America. He schooled in the Michigan medical school university where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in surgery. He further got attached to hospitals and health centers in Michigan university where he was able to complete his course in plastic […]

For quite a few years now, Betsy DeVos has found herself as a leader of educational reform. Ever since her days at Calvin College, Betsy has had a love for politics. In the past 30 or more years, Mrs. DeVos has been a leader of many campaigns, political action committees and party organizations. This also […]

Online therapy start-up company Talkspace recently announced that they have sought-out and hired a chief medical officer to the company. CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank stated that the inclusion of a chief medical officer will greatly benefit not only the company but current and future members as well. Neil Leibowitz was the individual chosen for […]

Betsy DeVos is one of the most polarizing figures in America’s education reform history. While the issue of education reform started in the 1980s with the Reagan administration, it’s been a longstanding conversation. What do we do about America’s schools and failing students? While many rely on standardized testing and Common Core methods, DeVos is […]

For many years, Betsy DeVos has been known to have a passion for educational reform. She can always be found at the forefront of the movement. She started this love of education during her time at Calvin College. While there pursuing her own education, she became heavily involved in the campus politics. Fast-forward more than […]

Shafik Sachedina originated from Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam and relocated to the UK in the year 1975. Thereof, he graduated from the London University with a degree in the dental surgeon. The name of Sachedina became much prominent across the UK for ages. The significance of the individual comes as a result of his primary goal to […]