Under CEO Steve Richie, Papa John’s International Inc. has become a much more diverse company. For over one year, Steve Richie has been implementing a number of diversity-promoting measures. As a result, there is now a woman in a high leadership role at Papa John’s. Victoria Russell serves Papa John’s in the capacity of Chief […]

Susan P. McGalla was born May 1964, in the Midwest of the United States. She received her education, in the capacity of a bachelors degree, at Mount Union College. The businesswoman has provided consulting services for numerous companies and currently operates out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She previously worked for American Eagle Outfitters Incorporated; and helped […]

 An Entrepreneurial Family Nitin Khanna was fortunate having been raised among entrepreneurs within his own family. Nitin Khanna had a father who was an Army man, while the rest of his family were actively entrepreneurial in action. His family constantly thought of new ways to plan businesses that were successful. Some of the businesses Nitin […]