TJ Maloney is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of Lincolnshire Management, a private equity firm based in New York City. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Boston before receiving his Juris Doctorate from Fordham law school. TJ Maloney practiced acquisitions, merger as well as securities law within New […]

At times, the experiences that we go through in life strengthen us to be better people in the future. When one views them positively, they can derive positive results from them. The advocations can be proven to form the life of a successful civil engineer Niranjan Shah. Shah lived in a rural area in India […]

Exercises to enhance cognitive abilities involve an average of 30 to 45 minutes swift walk at least thrice a week. Physical activities to increase agility, balance, and coordination had a direct influence on the brain formation and cognitive abilities of a significant team of old people from Germany. Lifting weights two times a week seemed […]

The Hippo Habitat is now happier than ever before as Highland Capital Management’s own, James Dondero, has assisted in bringing a large group of hippos back into the Dallas Public Zoo, an action of philanthropy and good deed that is still to be remembered for some time to come. It appears that the zoo had […]