Aaron Lupuloff is a community education advocate as well as a financial advisor. He is the director of the prominent Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. The charity foundation was formed in 2006. It offers financial help to educational programs and focused on elevating the education standards of the community across the sector. The Foundation also […]

ClassDojo is introducing a concept to school that can help to build character, success, and confidence. Emotional Intelligence and mindful thinking are now being introduced to schools throughout America while using the app, “ClassDojo.” Parents can expect new and improved ways to interact with their children’s educational experience. ClassDojo has partnered with superior educational references […]

A recent NPR article titled “High Test Scores-But At What Cost?” was recently praised for its coverage of the inner workings of one of the nations newest charter school organizations, Rocketship Education. Anya Kamenetz, the writer of the article has, however, been accused of producing an unbalanced and biased view of the school, mostly by […]