Creating a new brand of lip balm in an already saturated market was a risky business move for EOS Lip Balm review founders, Jonathon Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, but it worked because they did their homework. These savvy business owners found that the vast majority of women used lip balm, but data showed that nearly […]

The complexion gets older and older. This is a fact of life for all human beings, period. The summer months can be particularly tough on the skin. That’s due to the fact that exposure to the sun’s intense ultraviolet rays can do a number on it. Lack of protection from the sun can make people […]

EOS is a well-renowned lip balm company that makes a wide range of all-natural products with safe and healthy ingredients. Recently, they released a ‘summer fruits’ line of lip balm flavors for the summer beauty season. These come in several different flavors, such as strawberry and lemon. The package coloring on these EOS lip balms […]

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, has proven he is an artist and his ratings proclaim this testimony. His art work performed on his patients has given him a reputation of thoroughness, clarity, and the people skills all would want when going under surgery. His track record may bring comfort with your decision to pursue cosmetic […]

Sunday Riley was founded in Houston, Texas, and is based out of there even as it grows. It has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and its cult following loves each of its 13 products. It has started off slow because it cares about the quality of each of the skin care products that it creates. […]

People are surprisingly aloof and ignorant about the products that they put on their skin. A vast majority of the things that can be found in mainstream stores are made from chemicals that are not good for people’s health. However, most people do not really question these toxic. There are some people who do question […]