Brian Bonar, the Visionary Business Leader


Brian Bonar, the former CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, was honored as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Finance personality of the year. He received the award as a recognition for his excellent performance in financial management and financial service delivery.
Who’s Who is an honorary award that is awarded to two male and female personalities holding different executive positions. The candidates are selected based on excellent performance in their professionals, exceptional academic achievements, and distinguished leadership qualities.

As a top official in Dalrada Corporation, Mr. Bonar manages all issues related to employee and employer benefits. Dalrada Financial Company offers employee programs services that are aimed at improving business efficiency. The services offered include insurance services, financial management, business administration, and marketing promotional services.

Besides his career at Dalrada Corporation, Mr. Bonar has held other executive positions in various companies. At the onset of his leadership profile, he was the head of Smart.Tek automated services, and later the president of Allegiant Professional Business Services. He also became the Procurement Manager at IBM, the Director of Engineering for QMS, and a Sales Manager for Adaptec. His tenure as an executive administrator in the companies he has worked for involved dealing in commercial, retail, real estate, aviation, and education projects.

Mr. Bonar’s success in financial management is supported by a firm foundation in academics. He holds a Ph.D. in addition to is Ph.D., also holds a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.

Brian Bonar has been active in the commerce and financial industry for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, he has shown outstanding leadership accomplishments in designing teams that achieve customer-centered solutions. Moreover, Brian has unique skills in designing business plans that are ideal for better performance of companies.

His expertise in business management has seen him start successful business enterprises such as Bezier systems and Bellamy’s hotel. Bellamy’s hotel is a world class hotel that is known for providing high standard and friendly services alongside good quality meals.

All the lead chefs at Bellamy’s hotel have extensive experience having worked in leading hotels. In his characteristic management style, Mr. Bonar picked them from his favorite restaurants. Hotel Bellamy was established with the sole aim of creating a restaurant experience that resonates with the modern consumer’s demands. After all, he has unique skills in overseeing synergistic integrations after being in charge of numerous mergers and acquisitions.


During his free time, Mr. Bonar plays golf, enjoys boat riding, and being with his family. He can be simply defined as a hardworking, goal oriented person.

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