Betsy DeVos- The Educational Reformer Gives A Detailed Interview


For many years, Betsy DeVos has been known to have a passion for educational reform. She can always be found at the forefront of the movement. She started this love of education during her time at Calvin College. While there pursuing her own education, she became heavily involved in the campus politics. Fast-forward more than 30 years, Betsy has been involved in many types of political campaigns. She has even led many campaigns, political action committees and was even a chairperson for the Republican Party of Michigan.


Just as with social problems, Betsy loves to look for innovative solutions to both politics and business issues. However, her passion is more geared towards nonprofit ventures. She has been the chairperson for a wide range of nonprofit organizations. She recently spoke with an interviewer from Philanthropy Magazine about her many roles in politics, nonprofit ventures and educational reform. She spoke with the magazine on a variety of topics and shared she if very optimistic with the current path of educational reform.


Betsy has spoke of the growing interest for the Democrats in educational choice programs. She feels they are beginning to embrace the programs in a more gubernatorial way. Betsy feels good things are taking place now at the state levels with legislators. She also believes that the states have been enjoying a broad bipartisan support in education reform because of the steady, long grassroots efforts that have spanned many election cycles since 2003.


Betsy And Dick DeVos- Huge Philanthropists


It is no surprise that both Dick and Betsy DeVos gain lots of attention for their huge political donations. However, these are very small in comparison to the amount they give away each year in charitable contributions. In the year 2015 alone, the couple gave away almost $12 million in charitable donations. This was more than twice the amount they have over the previous five years.


The well-known couple have been part of family dynasties that have been huge players in the Republican party for many decades. Dick’s father founded the successful Amway Corporation where Dick worked his way up to CEO from the bottom. The couple also have four children that give away millions in charitable contributions each year as well. According to Forbes, the DeVos family combined ranked in the top 30 for the most contributions given by a family in 2015. This data included contributions from extended family of Dick and Betsy as well.


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