Betsy DeVos Prides Herself On Being A Philanthropist


For quite a few years now, Betsy DeVos has found herself as a leader of educational reform. Ever since her days at Calvin College, Betsy has had a love for politics. In the past 30 or more years, Mrs. DeVos has been a leader of many campaigns, political action committees and party organizations. This also includes the six years she served as the chairperson for the Michigan Republican Party. A love for educational reform seems to run in the family. Her husband, Dick DeVos, was a nominee for the Governor of Michigan as a Republican in 2006.


In the spring of 2013, Betsy DeVos sat down to speak with a representative from Philanthropy Magazine about her love of school choice programs and her educational reform work. During the meeting, she was asked how she feels about the progress to date concerning school choice. It first started in Wisconsin more than 25 years ago. She told them she has never felt more optimistic about the future of education. She currently serves as the Secretary of Education under President Donald Trump. She also stated she is excited about the growth of the movement and the number of states joining the cause.


Philanthropy Magazine Asks Betsy DeVos What Her Biggest Successes In Life Are


When Philanthropy Magazine asked Betsy what she feels her biggest successes have been so far, her response was Florida. She named Florida as her favorite state for educational reform because of their tax credit scholarship programs. Because of these, Florida has been able to enjoy the longest period in the nation of widespread educational choice. As the program has expanded, thousands of more students across the state are able to attend the school of their family’s choosing each year.


The Story Of Two Betsy DeVoses


Many residents of Grand Rapids Michigan are having trouble coming to terms with the two sides of Betsy DeVos they are now seeing as she serves as the education secretary for President Trump. The original Betsy they all know and love is known to be generous and pragmatic, even by residents who have not liked her political leanings or her devotion to charter schools. Many are terming the other side of Betsy as “tone deaf” and “unprepared” as she began her new role under the president.


Betsy’s educational reform convictions are not surprising to the residents of Grand Rapids considering the religious, ethnic and cultural ties her hometown has to the Netherlands. In the 1800s, there was a huge political debate concerning what education should be like in the Netherlands. At that time, liberals were successfully pushing to get secular public schools started. They did not feel religious schools deserved the same amount of public funding as public schools. This caused outrage among the Catholics and the Reformed groups.


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