Bennett Graebner: The Renowned Film and Television Producer


Bennett Graebner is a professional in the television and film industry whose popular works include the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. He was born in Buffalo, New York and is currently based out of Los Angeles to work in entertainment. He serves as an executive producer and is a large part of the success of the shows. With the shows garnering cult followings, it’s no surprise that they brought home awards at many renowned events including the Teen Choice Awards, the ASCAP Film and Television Awards, and the BMI Film and TV awards. It is particularly outstanding that Bennett Graebner´s shows have been able to maintain solid viewership through the many years they have been running and in the popular 18-34 age range no less.

Many believe the skills that make Graebner such a phenomenal producer is his grasp of narrating a story. He follows a general guideline for all of his work that he feels is essential for good narration and story telling in any type of show on television. In order to keep up viewership he treats reality television no different than a fiction story. The show needs solid characters, an interesting plot, and good tension throughout the series. The main difference being that the drama is driven from real world events and not from a story that has been fabricated.

Apart from being television and film savvy. Graebner has been noted for being a joy to work with on set as a producer. Not only do many people benefit from his producing skills, but he has also been known to contribute in other areas of television and film such as working the camera, and other electrical parts of production. Working in these different points of view allow Bennett Graebner to put the work into perspective making him an exceptional executive producer.

Bennett has always known from his early years that he wanted to work in a creative industry which is why he chose to study English for his undergraduate degree at Vassar College. It was at USC where he began collaborating with other film students and honing his craft.
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