Avanca’s Reviews and Testimonials on NewsWatch


In a crowdfunding program created by Avanca, the target was set at 10000 dollars within 30 days. The company’s responsibility was to hit the campaign’s goal within the 30 days it was scheduled to if they were to make any money. As such, Avanca had to hire NewsWatch which was responsible for a one-minute promotional segment which was part of the NewsWatch review as part of the promotional campaign. This segment would then run on all NewsWatch outlets including their national TV as well as online channels.


This campaign ended up becoming a great success as it tremendously surpassed its set targets. The company was able to raise 456,551 US dollars within the 30 days. This was 29 times more than the money they had set to achieve. The crowdfunding manager was pleased to have worked with NewsWatch to achieve the success that it did. In fact, she recommends it as a way out for other companies looking to hit their targets.


About NewsWatch Tv

NewsWatch is a reliable information on different topics including health, travel, technology, and entertainment. It is a weekly show on the ION Network. It has bi-monthly shows on AMC Network. The show’s host is Andrew Tropean with special report features from Erick Fosters, Susan Bridge, and Amanda Forstrom.


The production of this program began in 1990. It has recently celebrated its 1000th original episode. Within this period the network has aired over 10,000 episodes in different areas and topics of interest.


Apart from ordinary news, NewsWatch has become a destination for celebrities. More than 650 celebrities have appeared on the show so far. The entertainers mainly discuss current issues as well as the different courses they support. The nationwide coverage that NewsWatch enjoys is what attracts most people to it. It is a perfect platform also of businesses that want to be known out there.


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