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Being born and raised by an architect, Ashley wanted to follow her father’s steps and become an architect. Every time her father was on the table drawing and sketching buildings and ideas, Ashely was always by his side. She developed a feeling on prototyping, and she needed to join the world of Silicon Valley.

When she graduated, she started her career at Bain, and while at Bain, she had the urge to do more operational work to just drawing. She joined Thumbtack product’s team. At Thumbtack, she was the Category Manager, and she was responsible for the growth within weddings and events, and customer experience categories.

Ashley Lightspeed has regularly used prototyping as a means of gathering feedback and rapidly iterate on ideas and improving products throughout her career. She has been using prototyping from Bain to wireframing her product ideas while at Thumbtack.

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Ashley Lightspeed believes that for you to be an entrepreneur, prototyping is an essential tool you must always have in your toolkit. This is because prototyping guides and helps you to in “fail fast and recapitulate faster.”

While still at Thumbtack, Ashley was first exposed to venture capital while working on a fundraising pitch deck. This was because the company had seen her ability to predict the future and they wanted to exploit that ability. She later left Thumbtack and went to study at Stanford GSB when she came up with the idea of starting up her own company. She started doing startups so as she may be able to support herself financially.

She entered into different industries trying to explore the best industry she could commit herself fully in to. Ashley Lightspeed partnered with many entrepreneurs, and this enabled them to manage and turn their different ideas into reality. Through the partnering, Enter Lightspeed was born.

Lightspeed is a consumer investing team, and Ashley has been closely working with companies at their early stages and helps them with strategizing their growth. Ashley has managed to maintain her keen eye for craftsmanship all along since the start of Lightspeed company.

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