Academy of Art University Alumni Shine in Disney and Marvel Endgame


Endgame Begins Big

Endgame, a recent movie as a collaboration between Disney and Marvel Comics made a record breaking box office debut on its first weekend. Not only did it gross close to $157M its first weekend, but within less than two weeks (11 days) made more than $2B. IT is no surprise it is being talked about around Tinseltown as the second largest movie of all time. Everyone got their bang for the buck when they sat thru a numb riding 3 hour movie. Fans are now comparing Endgame with Gone With the Wind (1939) and

Titanic (1997) in terms of its length and spellbinding its viewers. Where did all the anticipating Disney and Marvel Fans come from that stampeded the theaters on opening weekend? Endgame rolled out in 4,662, theaters in the United States of America, while it also premiered in China simultaneously.

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Arts University is the oldest premiere arts academy in the United States and the home to a notable creative powerhouse of alumni. For example many recent and not so recent alumni brought their talent the the Endgame creative shop. Megan Dolman of ILM, Scott Brisbane and Vanessa Cook from Weta Digital; Ioanna Mailli from Double Negative; Heriyanto Tio from Framestore; Anuj Anand from Cinesite, and Matt Smith and Jan Philip Cramer from Digital Domain.

School of Many Arts

The Academy of Art University offers many classes and degrees in arts as various as Acting, Music Production, Advertising, Illustration, Graphic Design, and more. It also offers degrees in photography, screenwriting, and Music production for Film and Television.While some students are searching for a non-degree program here or abroad, the Arts University offers both for all types of student interest, whether it be for a short or long-term education.

Online Education

In this digital age where people’s schedules differ widely and allow little time outside fixed schedules, the Art University also offers a wide range of online courses for persons seeking online degrees or refresher courses in their favorite arts. Lastly, students of the Art University also have the opportunity to join in a variety of sports programs offered to all students.

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