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Privinvest, A world Shipbuilding Technology leader Privinvest is an established firm in shipbuilding technology and was co-founded by Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa two decades ago. Privinvest is located in Cherbourg and has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates and Europe. Privinvest group specializes in the production of commercial and military vessels and superyachts. […]

Raffaele Riva has a wide portfolio of businesses. He has a passion for international business. He is the founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office. Through his businesses, he strives to provide value in the lives of his clients. That has made him to earn the loyalty of clients. Riva always thinks in terms of serving. Even […]

HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Information About Life Insurance

As an individual, preparing for the future of a family goes beyond just the personal investing strategy. One of the keys to ensuring financial security is having a quality life insurance policy. HCR Wealth Advisors recommends its clients a variety of life insurance options as well as information on how these policies can benefit its […]

It’s not often you see someone go from being a tennis player to a real estate partner but that’s exactly what happened. He grew up in New Vernon, New Jersey and obtained his first racket at the age of six. As the son of a famous sports star, you can imagine how proud he was […]

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon in Texas she does a very good job on her clients. Her current rating with her clients is 4.7, which is very good. She does things like breast implants and facial reconstruction. Her work has even been in magazines and she has a lot of happy clients that […]

Did you know that millions of people worldwide struggle with mental illness? Are you ware that this particular number is well-over 450 million? Whether you refer to this condition as mental illness or you refer to it as mental disability, the degradation of the mind is a serious matter. Fighting mental can be easier said […]

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor and venture capitalist who lives in Silicon Valley. He invests in technology firms that are focused on providing healthcare solutions. Among the companies he has invested in is TMS Health Solutions. This company offers an FDA-approved treatment for people with therapy-resistant depression. Other companies he has invested in include […]

 Facing Daily Challenges Every new company faces challenges daily. Sometimes there are large challenges, and other times there are small challenges. Whatever the challenges it must be addressed and overcome. Success is not measured by how many challenges we face but how many challenges we overcome. For new startups, it’s imperative to be prepared to […]