April 2019

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Matthew Fleeger is the CEO and Director of the Gulf Coast Western. He is also the principal of the gas and energy industry in the US. He has excellent experience and knowledge of several business sectors. From this, he has appeared in the Who’s Who of Business Professionals list. He has a Business Administration degree […]

These days, athletes, actors and favorite characters in various businesses in addition to private people are hooked to the tendency of influencer advertising. If you aren’t in the advertising business, this expression is forecast to become an unknown phrase for you. Your property in this article since it can have intrigued you, or else you […]

Are there other people in this world who are as motivated as Betsy DeVos is? People of this caliber are a rarity. Although DeVos is truly a gem, her husband is actually a lot like her. Dick DeVos is equally rare on this planet. DeVos is a Renaissance Woman who knows exactly what she wants […]

Glenn Schlossberg is an industrialist and a fashion designer. He has made tremendous success in the fashion and design field. In 1990, Glenn Schlossberg began his entrepreneurial journey when he established Jump Design Group. Driven by innovation and hard work, Jump Design Group is among the leading suppliers of high-quality clothing in the fashion and […]

Allied Wallet is at the forefront of a major consumer revolution. This is the revolution of the way consumers make purchases. The revolution started as consumers have begun to move away from paying in cash, to paying through digital wallets or eWallets. Allied Wallet is one of the major companies behind the rise of these […]

Serge Belamant is a computer guru and the inventor of the blockchain technologies. The invention is the basics of the formation of cryptocurrencies. He was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. His family later relocated to South Africa. He went to high school at Highlands North Boys’ in Johannesburg. He participated in co-curricular activities such […]