February 2019

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Looking for great entrepreneurs that are also philanthropists is easier than it was in years prior. This is because more entrepreneurs have discovered that they shine in a better light when the world can see them as giving and trustworthy. This is true of Ara Chackerian. Hailing from San Fransisco, California, Ara has always been […]

As the world we live in moves towards the digital sector it seemed only natural for the educational environment to play a part in bringing the online world to students and their families. More than two in three elementary schools in Canada have already begun using ClassDojo as their go-to way of communicating with the […]

Do you knów stress could be contagious? Experts have shown that individuals inadvertently detect the feelings of the people around thém which sadly include tension. What’s even worse tension is certainly an especially transmittable emotion particularly if one is susceptible to anxiety and dépression. A lot of us are aware of the power óf an […]

Being born and raised by an architect, Ashley wanted to follow her father’s steps and become an architect. Every time her father was on the table drawing and sketching buildings and ideas, Ashely was always by his side. She developed a feeling on prototyping, and she needed to join the world of Silicon Valley. When […]