Organizations that seek to have the best OKR programs and software can look into the BetterWorks library since it offers whitepapers, insights, and webinars in a convenient location. BetterWorks is also focused on changing the way workers, and managers interact. The new technology platform also helps workers to feel connected to their goals and understand […]

Many people are trying to improve on their leadership skills in specific industries. It is advisable to seek some assistance from some of the leaders who have succeeded in the sectors that are of particular interest. Such leaders will always lead by example. When you analyze these examples, you will gain a better understanding of […]

Perry Mandera is the current Chief executive officer and president of the Custom Companies, Inc., a leading provider in the transportation industry in Chicago. Starting the business from mid1980’s Perry Mandera has extensive knowledge in the business his affair with transport began early 1970’s when he worked with marines in troops transportation and supplies.   […]

For Americans who live in states that make use of their sustainable energy practices in specific states in the US and territories that allow for energy deregulation, Agera Energy is a company to consider. Visit to know more. When it comes to changing the method at which consumers interact with energy markets, Agera Energy […]