After coming up with a product, a brand is supposed to enlighten the consumers about the existence of these products by using different marketing strategies. There are modern and traditional marketing techniques. The advanced marketing techniques have proven to be efficient as compared to traditional marketing techniques. Modern marketing techniques involve the use of social […]

Jason Colodne is an investment professional and film producer who currently serves as one of the Managing Partners with Colbeck Capital Management. He is also one of the firm’s co-founders. He co-founded Colbeck in 2009 with business partner Jason Beckman. Jason Colodne comes from an impressive educational background. He excelled during his youth in academic […]

While operators of convention centers and sports arenas often claim that their structures are self-sufficient, this is hardly the case in most circumstances. Public money is used to fund the construction and upkeep of these buildings. The only real benefits go to the owners of the teams and groups that operate out of them.   […]

Financial services companies are important in society. In the United States, there are thousands of companies that over financial services at the best rates. Getting a company that suits your financial needs is something many people have to struggle with. Fortress Investment Group, a global financial institution formed twenty years ago, provides high-quality services all […]

Oren Frank is the co-founder of the popular new therapy app, Talkspace. Oren created this app with his wife after seeking marriage counseling for his marital problems. The marriage counseling helped their marriage tremendously, and it inspired them to create an app that would give others access to help as well. Talkspace is said to […]

The complexion gets older and older. This is a fact of life for all human beings, period. The summer months can be particularly tough on the skin. That’s due to the fact that exposure to the sun’s intense ultraviolet rays can do a number on it. Lack of protection from the sun can make people […]